Free Movements: Making-With

  • Free Movements re-imagines the rave as collectively-shaped / mind-expanding, aiming to re-establish music as an earthy, energising and unifying activity. Beginning on Saturday evening and ending Sunday morning with a journey through ambient music, drone, instrumental improvisations and techno, then back again in a pliable flow of people, machines and a nine foot sound system. Multi-species cyber-feminist Donna Haraway’s provocative and visionary thinking has been a recent catalyst for ideas about how Free Movements can unfold. There need to be new stories of ‘ongoing-ness’ in these precarious times, with connections continually being made and re-made in the exploration of tangled paths – ways in which to re-establish our reliance on each other and the earth. This requires sym-poiesis, or *making-with*, rather than auto-poiesis, or self-making. > This is the mindset that we bring to our event and hope to nurture every time we join together to experience music. A boundary-less and collectively-formed activity rather than a concert or rave in which the ‘audience’ and ‘performers’ play their separate roles. ––– ––– We are anti-sexist/-racist and aim to create a space for deep-listening, freedom and consideration for each other.
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