Chaos in the CBD

  • NZ-bred brothers in arms return to Miami to shake things up at Floyd once again.
  • Chaos In The CBD, it’s strictly a family thing. These brothers are conquering one piece of the globe at a time. Amen to the Chaos! They may well be one of the hottest propositions in the current house firmament, but they’ve still managed to maintain the homespun vibe that comes from growing up in the idyllic suburbs of Auckland. Having built a reputation in the studio and followed it up with the constant rigorous DJ touring life, they’re now ready to take stock, step back and examine where they want to be in ten years rather than the afterparty in three hours. 21+ -------------------------------------------- #LinkMiamiRebels #FloydMiami
  • Chaos in the CBD - Flyer front
    Chaos in the CBD - Flyer back