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    Alex Labels, Rikken, Torsten Fassbender , MoodFreak, Karina Qanir, David Schirmeister, more..
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  • #languages, because music of any kind is also a form of universal language. Music in its endless diversity achieves to reach anyone in any language! Free of any worldly restrictions we define our sound with a focus on the diversity of music. #languages music has its home in Berlin and we strive to show the city's many facets from the perspective of two Berliners: RIKKEN and Alex Narrow. #languages music stands for house music of varied styles, from deep and melodic sounds to progressive and driving grooves. We love unconventional electronic music produced by artists with sincerity and passion, creating art! YOMO Records is a Berlin-based label run by established producers Mike Koglin and Stephan Pietack who have caused quiet a stir on the scene recently under their 'Sudhaus' guise. Yomo is Japanese and can be translated as 'every direction“, which perfectly describes the sound of YOMO - exploring every direction of intelligent and meaningful electronic underground music, from subtle progressive house to driving techno. Tune into the monthly YOMO Records podcast 'Every Direction' on DI FM with upfront plays of forthcoming YOMO releases. We’re always looking for fresh talent!
  • Languages/AVA/Yomo - Flyer front