Metro Drive/Afterhour

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    Antonio (kaizenrecordsberlin) Datsfeef (Inspector Feef) Ian Fog (Minimal Bar) Tomash GHz (Coquette Records/Melotherapy) VIDO (METRO DRIVE)
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  • METRO DRIVE a new party series run by VIDO. Young and established music diggers are going to bring a trippy daytime vibe to Berlin Mitte at ACUD MACHT NEU. A place to express yourself, your sensitive emotion that comes through, while listening obscure or meditative sounds. A playground , a get together, a place to transform yourself again and again. METRO DRIVE is inviting mostly New Faces of DJ's and Producers of the House and Techno scene of Berlin and abroad.
  • Metro Drive/Afterhour - Flyer front
    Metro Drive/Afterhour - Flyer back