[CANCELLED] Huerta: Junipero Voyage Recordings Album Release

  • Voyage Recordings is at Culture Box to celebrate Huerta’s debut album "Junipero" with a monstrous lineup of international stars and local heroes. The album is a righteous journey along the coast of California; a psychosomatic blend of melodic rhythm, natural sounds and ambient textures. Huerta combines a blissful wash of west coast inspired ambient with the more affable, rhythmic house cuts he has been previously known for. He performs in Black Box and is joined by Youandewan from Germany (Aus Music, Small Hours etc) and Voyage Recordings' Andy Hart from Australia. Originating from Puerto Rico, Daisybelle brings a Latin spirit to Red Box while maintaining an uplifting feel good vibe throughout genres. Local talent Divad from BGM8S, Sleazy Beats Recordings' Kris Percy from Canada and Dorsi Plantar from Better Listen Records round off the lineup. Let's grab a beer before midnight. Unlimited free Tuborg Gold will be served from the bars to celebrate the album release. Culture Box operate an attitude code. We have a zero tolerance policy to any form of harassment to our guests and staff. That includes leering, rude comments, touching and any behaviour that makes you feel uncomfortable. If someone is making you feel uncomfortable then please notify a member of our staff or the security, they are all trained to help you. We kindly ask for mutual respect. Without respect, love is lost.
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