Sick Picnic 2

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    Jason Forrest aka DJ Donna Summer (Cock Rock Disco / US) GFOTY & SPINEE (PC Music / UK) K-ORSE / DJ GURL POWER (Off Me Nut Records / UK) Esther Ofei (Sheer Recordings/ Neue Heimat / UK) Terrorrythmus (Latenz Eclectic) Scratch Babies (SiCk CrEw) The Toilet & Ljudit Andersson (Shitcult/ Mutantswing / SWE) LIVE Zombieflesheater (Kritik Am Leben) Leise im Kran (Moniker Eggplant) LIVE oliotronix (GLeeetch) Wombcorps (Amen-talist Movement / Jungle Syndicate) Kraterjockeys Lady Tracy Stonaz (SiCk CrEw) Rave Dave (SiCk CrEw) LIVE Ponys auf Pump *live* DJ Laika Bildet Katzen moto tic tac zeh ab bomberbomber(dd45) Baseng Multipower Crew United
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  • At the long awaited 2nd edition of SICK PICNIC, the renegades of Z. Kollektiv & Sick Crew finally come together for the first time to do what's right: Embracing the unusual and the classical oldschool in Rave and Live Music! TECHNO / WONKY / BASSLINE / HAPPY HANDCORE / DECONSTRUCTED CLUBMUSIC / NEORAVE / REVERSED BREAKCORE / GABBER / JUNGLE / BROKEN GABBER / ANALYTICAL SHITCORE / JUKE / FUSZWORK / PUNKROCK / BREAKCORE / DONK! / BRAINDANCE / TOILETGRIND / CHIPTUNE / WELTMUSIK / OSSISCHRANZ / SPEEDCORE z.kollektiv Floor: Clean your feet and enter the cave of punk, funk & footsy hits! If you're looking for a change, come to Baseng and let yourself be carried away by the shine of the roide.
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