M - Broken Island

  • Venue
    Loft Hall
    • st. Leninsky Sloboda, 26s15, Moscow, 115280
  • Date
    6 Mar 2020
    Fri 23:59 - Sun 05:30
  • Promoter
  • Attending
    • 275
  • Dive into the coastal zones of the broken island of M. This year will be special for the community of artists and participants of M. We will write a story of 4 chapters in length, with an additional fifth episode outside the usual habitat. In early spring, the doors of the mansion will open on the promenade in order to live an unchanged 30 hours. 3 dance floors under the direction of 15 artists, 3 artists absorbed in the art process and new meanings that will arise and disappear in the same place. The intricate labyrinths of 3 floors, with secret rooms and a veranda overlooking the river, will receive the showcase of the long-awaited label from London, the indigenous inhabitants of Constanta and the three residents of the uncompromising northern club. The direction of the event is intertwined with the creative mood of the artists, the halls will dissolve in the dim light of candles and neon. The increased concentration of the minimal sound will resonate with the gloomy sounds of the alternative hall, highlighting the flaws and defects of the broken island, which will be the first stage of the overall plot of this year. Meduza FC 18+
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