The Silver Dream Factory

  • That recurring dream you’ve been having is taking place in Brooklyn. We believe the future of the dream experience doesn’t take place in the sleeping world. The Silver Dream Factory is recreating your dreams in the waking world– starting with their latest absorbing paradise at 3DB. ~~The Night~~ Glam up in silver, and have a dream at the ready, you never know who may be collecting it… The Silver Dream Factory will transport you to an alternative reality fueled by revelrous connection and self-expression. Join the journey of the discopunks as they reconnect with a time that seems like a distant dream. Featuring Studio 54 veteran Jellybean Benitez, Contemporary disco DJ Ty Sunderlandand, and Techno-artist Amanda Haze. Within the evening unlock performances by Charlene Incarnate, sonic sounds by Gregory Dillon, Freckle’s birthday celebration followed by a public sitting by Lindsay Dye. The Silver Dream Factory will feature multi-sensory installations, VR experiences from Luxury Escapism, and hidden charms for those who like to explore. Be sure to dial your dream into the Dream Collection Agency Hotline, to see it come into reality: (267)53-AWAKE. ~~Rules~~ To get in you must wear silver. LOOKS: COMING SOON! Want priority entry? Whisper faux-oasis to Vanilla. Consent is mandatory. ~~YOUR DOOR HOSTESSES~~ The Duchess (@duchessofthefactory) Merry Vanilla (@merryvanillacoke) ~DOORS: 9PM ~SHOW: 10:30PM ~AFTERPARTY: 2:00AM ~~~TICKET TIERS ~~~ Early Bird Admission $10-20 General Online Admission $25-40 Door Admission $40-50 *10% of Ticket Sales will go to the Climate Emergency Fund to help activists, researchers, and the environment as we face climate change. MORE INFO:
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