The White Hotel Presents: The Golden Filter/ Weird Weather

  • The only accurate way to describe the sensation is time travel. You lose track of things, and come back different. It's music that carves out its own sonic refuge in a world where noise infiltrates most corners of our existence. The golden filter, they call it, the golden filter of the dysto'-duo Penelope Trappes and Stephen Hindman. U WILL BE O K in their hands. The White Hotel Presents: The Golden Filter (Optimo Trax/ 4GN3S) Support from Weird Weather ([Emotiona]l[ Especia]/ Going Good) Forecast: cable frenzy - dub mixes – 80s rock – offshore breezes - global dance energy. Live electronic music with guitar, digital synthesisers and analogue boxes. Soundtracked by EJ Woodall (Semi Peppered) Tickets available from Resident Advisor: 8/12/14/15OTD