Media_rins & present: Via App / Pod Blotz / Seraah / Fathom Pira / Grin

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    Main room: ⟿ Via AppPod Blotz ⟿ Seraah ⟿ media_rins djs (trngs ⚔ 10_r3n ⚔ adammmmmmmmmmmm) Ambient room: ⟿ Fathom Pira ⟿ grin
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  • and media_rins have come together for a late night of radical dance and avant garde music. Two wild acts from out of town, two rooms, runs late, runs loud. ++++++++++ Main Room: VIA APP (nyc) Via App has become a key figure pushing left field wildstyle techno in Brooklyn and the surrounding cities of New York. She has done this in a short period of time and is creating a sound all her own while doing so. Expect angular tones and her characteristic manic drum patterns. "[Via App's music] bangs and messes up your mind at the same damn time, effortlessly." POD BLOTZ (la) Pod Blotz is a Modern Electronic solo project that explores posthumanist concepts, cathartic gestures, and otherworldly sound sources. With releases on labels like L.I.E.S and Clan Destine, she's now touring hot on the release of her new album Transdimensional System from Dais Records, "a journey about beauty, and the complexity of post-human existence through a cathartic lens of churning rhythms and haunting vocal work." SERAAH Seraah performances find strength in the fulcrum that allows for the tilt between performance art, noise inspired trapdoors, and the conventional structure and presentation of pop music.Throughout their work are their interests in the liminal space, somatics, as well as the body as a conduit for myth-making/allegory. MEDIA_RINS_DJS [10_r3n & trngs & adammmmmmmmmmmm] media_rins collective supports adventurous art and music in the vein of post-internet and postindustrial concepts. This includes but is not limited to noise, hyperpop, cyberpunk, digitrash, vaporwave, power electronics, techno, industrial and internet misc. music. Ambient Room, only the finest non-stop chill out bangers from: FATHOM PIRA & GRIN ++++++++++ January 25th, Midnight to 5am. This event is at a legal location in southeast Boston that you're probably already familiar with. Located along the Red Line & BYOB friendly. Address provided after ticket purchase or via mailing list sign up ( Advanced ticket is not required, but appreciated. Address will be sent out by email at 8:30pm Saturday. As always, we aim to create a safe and friendly environment for all attendees. Creeps, haters, etc. unwelcome. 👼
  • Media_rins & present: Via App / Pod Blotz / Seraah / Fathom Pira / Grin - Flyer front