Own Spirit Productions: Psycred Temple

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    🔱 ► HypoGeo 🇮🇹 (Zenon Records - 2h Live) 🔱 ► ATBLOOM (Samma Records) 🔱 ► Hypatia (Own Spirit Festival) 🔱 ► PSYGROO (Own Spirit Festival)
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  • After a year full of unforgettable moments, euphoric even for the experience of the last edition of Own Spirit Festival, and with the new doors that we are opening all over the world with the Own Spirit Productions project, we are delighted and happy to share it with all of you. We have been waiting for this moment for a long time and finally after considering many options in search of the one that perfectly bends to our concept and way of life; such as ease to arrive, sound of the highest quality, offering a unique audiovisual experience and a humane treatment like that of the Own Spirit family, we have found it. Many of you already know the difficulty of finding a location that suits the PsyTrance scene and that is why we believe that we have found our place, which we will totally transform with our decoration, light show, possibly one of the best sound equipment currently in Barcelona and the best known artists worldwide. We have decided to transform The Garage of The Bass Valley located in Hospitalet de Llobregat, with direct connection by metro, a sacred temple where our priority is to create psychedelic and visionary projects according to the soul of Own Spirit, so we have given it the name of "Psycred Temple". The inauguration is already dated and will be a Friday, February 14. Yes, the international day of love and we believe it is the best date to live this experience. PSYCRED TEMPLE For this occasion we have prepared a two-hour live show that has been going around the world for many years, known throughout the world for having created its own musical style and under one of the most important labels that exist, Zenon Records, he is HYPOGEO and we look forward to sharing that night with him. We will also have one of the revelations of this year, ATBLOOM born in Catalonia and perhaps best known (for the moment) with its techno project Raul Mezcolanza, prepare your body and mind for a trip of quality and pure fun. To accompany all this Own Spirit Productions will set up for the first time in Catalonia one of its new decoration sets that we promise will make you not to forget it. But we cannot miss two of the people who make this project come true, and we already know what they are capable of with two players in their hands, they are HYPATIA and PSYGROO who will contribute their grain of sand with a musical selection prepared exclusively for that night.
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