• They were planted in our bodies. The RAWses of love and the Meat of desires. We spoke of it ever since we opened our eyes, and our senses glowed in the dark, lusting , sweating, feeling the heat, the temptations and the desires. praying on our knees, not to the gods, in the dark rooms of the ever lasting, it is a physical whisper, a whisper with no words. It is a feeling, a feeling called Rawmantique. It’s Red, it’s Dark and it’s blue- a moment of happiness, a moment of pleasure. The music is the only soldier that could move you from the battle field. It’s the Fleischerei. The dark force of the light army. The light hope of the techno darkness. You’re sweating, you’re moving hard, you’re feeling sexy. And so it all kicks in. You’re thirsty for more. You could have more. Or you could drown in the smoke of the everlasting beats. You take off your shirt. Boundless, mixing with the universe. The human nature, the human behaviour, it’s a mystery of no gender. Not a judgment study. The drums are your way home. “Tech. Tech. Tech. Techno” that’s the queer sound it makes as you move your hips, relax the shoulders. It’s your moment. It was always your moment. In this journey. You are the roses, you, my beloved ones, your friends, the Habibis, the future, past, the right now. You are, you will always be my favourite hopeless Rawmantique.
  • Rawmantique - Flyer front
    Rawmantique - Flyer back