Moxie - All Night Long - Sold Out

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    Moxie [All Night Long]
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  • Advance tickets have sold out. We will have 50 tickets on the door for early arrivals. If you would like to be kept in the loop for these final tickets and also get first info for the next show please sign up here. >> On Loop's very own Moxie starts the year with a bang as she joins us at the imitate east London venue, The Pickle Factory for a special all night long set! "My first London show of 2020 and you can catch me playing all night long at The Pickle Factory! We've hosted some pretty amazing On Loop shows over the years at this spot, but I'm excited to dig extra deep and get into it for 6 hours. This is the first of a few select 'all night long' shows I'll be doing around the UK, playing from open till close. Excited to kick things off in my hometown!!"
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