Papa Loko: Revolution with Baime, Simao, Othon & The Blonde Spirit

  • * We have decided to open a 2nd room as a chill out space and so we will have plenty more tickets at the door :) * * Please remember that ID IS REQUIRED to enter the venue * * Door tickets are CASH only * * FOLD has a 21+ entry policy * Papa is back in town and is bringing with Them a strong line-up, a powerful intention and a new venue with one of the best sound systems in town! Baime return to London from Copenhagen after their sold out UK/Papa Loko debut in 2018. Rule breakers and hip shakers, Baime preach a different kind of gospel filled with gyrating rhythms, floating pads and scintillating synths. Having released tracks through Watergate Records, Sincopat, Selador, Radikon and their own Blindfold Recordings amongst others, they have grown their congregation with each sonic incarnation. Soaring Beatport’s charts while remaining highly authentic, Baime are one of the hottest acts in the underground electronic music scene today. Simao is one of the hand picked super talents to release on HOSH’s new imprint fryhide. His spotless and innovative productions, together with his fresh and driven DJ sets have been establishing him firmly in the UK Warehouse scene and have recently been carrying him across Europe too. We are thrilled to welcome Simao for his Papa Loko debut! Papa Loko and Conscious Expansion founder Othon is a multidimensional artist spanning from DJ/producer to composer and pianist with performances in the UK and abroad including the Tate Modern, the Roundhouse and the National Portrait Gallery. His cosmic, transcendent and dynamic DJ sets have gained him dedicated following. He has collaborated with influential artists such as the late Peter Christopherson (Throbbing Gristle, Coil, Psychic TV), Wolfgang Tillmans and Marc Almond (Soft Cell). The Blonde Spirit spins deep, soulful and dirty beats with an ethnic twist. She infuses her sound with an infectious openness and transgendered sensitivity. Having played at Stunners and Fire a while back, she has now returned, DJing at parties such as Berlin Berlin and Transister. The Blonde Spirit made her Loko debut in July. The Revolution Intention The two words ‘Revolution’ and ‘Raving’ have been closely interconnected since raves made their first appearances at the end of the 80s. From the rave revolution of the 90s to the recent rave revolution in Georgia, raves have been catalysts for making us question things about ourselves and bring changes to our environment. There are different kinds of revolutions but at P L we are invited to explore the peaceful yet powerful type of revolution that we call ‘Inner Revolution’. Inner Revolution is not political but evolutionary and it takes place within our own consciousness. Through the powers of intention, meditation and conscious movement, matched by soul-expansive sounds and vibrations of Love, we are invited to revolt against our own self-limiting thoughts and disobey our habits and personality traits that rule our lives and keep them in the states of apathy, mediocrity and stagnation. Instead we shall consciously welcome clarity, strength and a new sense of freedom aiming to become true revolutionaries and conquers of our own lower nature. Meditation, Communion & Magic(k) - The Field Group Following our recent initiative for the creation of an esoteric Loko group known as the 'Field Group' some of us will get together once more and work through meditation, invocation, conscious breathing and other techniques to unify and empower our collective intentions before the dance begins. Aiming to create a sacred space of exploration and transformation and to lead our Loko Familia to greater depths of bliss, the Field Group is quietly becoming Loko's secret power generator. Write to us if a. you are an experienced practitioner, b. the Field Group STRONGLY appeals to you and c. you wish to be part of our blazing vehicle of God. We will then do what we can to welcome you. Otherwise see you on the dancefloor from 11.00 pm onwards! 'Loko Familia’ Ticket Policy In our vision for a constantly evolving and utopian party experience, we are continuing to give the possibility to those who cannot afford to party with us a chance to do it. So, there will be an allocated number of 20 free tickets, which will be given to those of you who are truly not able to pay for a ticket. Please let us know by facebook message and we will try to help. Come as You Are and Leave as You Would Like to Be
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