Rollup ⁍ Heidi Sabertooth • Haruka • zorenLo

  • Familiarize yourself with the raw, corrosive sound of Heidi Sabertooth's techno at this intimate weeknight gig at Bossa.
  • ROLLUP! ~into the new decade~ come out of ur shell & dance 🔪 Heidi Sabertooth 🔪 [Lobster Theremin, Lost Soul Enterprises] ⛓️ Haruka ⛓️ [夜露四苦 4649] 🐞 zorenLo 🐞 [Rollup] winter is for techno! so let's kick off the rolling 20s with two of NYC's finest... they'll be sure to rattle your bones (or exoskeletons) with some visceral, pummeling tracks. a B2B is imminent, perhaps even a B3B... only way to find out is to ROLLUP. SET TIMES TBA - ALWAYS FREE
  • Rollup ⁍ Heidi Sabertooth • Haruka • zorenLo - Flyer front