BOUND x Tom of Finland

  • BOUND teams up with Tom Of Finland once again for a night of appropriately hard techno and '80s dance sounds (and be sure to check out Softcoresoft, who will probably break into trance and jungle).
  • BOUND x TOM OF FINLAND A fundraiser celebrating BOUND's 3 year anniversary & 100 years of Tom #TOMs100 ______________________________________ GOOD ROOM: ∞ AN-i ∞∞ Lydo ∞∞∞ Ren G BAD ROOM: ∞ Softcoresoft ∞∞LOKA ∞∞∞Joselo ∞∞∞∞Katie Rex Good Room Meserole Brooklyn, NY ______________________________________ ∞ Kink Demonstrations ALL NIGHT ∞ Photos by Lanee Bird ∞Fetish inspired dress code is recommended ∞No means no, all touching must be verbally consented to. There will be community monitors on site, look for the red flashing pins. Code of consent: 21+ *d&b audiotechnik supplied by Oxygen Eventworks* **Good Room is a safe space for all people. We do not accept racism, homophobia or discrimination in any form. If you are being harassed, please tell a bartender, staff member or security guard.**
  • BOUND x Tom of Finland - Flyer front