Palms Trax by PL0T & ATV

  • A Palms Trax set has a way of creating a universal vibe on a dance floor, so experiencing that in an intimate room like ATV is an opportunity you should definitely take up.
  • Anyone that keeps up with the sort of thing knows that Palms Trax has skyrocketed on the global scene in the past few years, perhaps culminating in a monumental set officially closing out Dekmantal 2019. Most recently he blew us all away with one of the most memorable sets at Rakastella 2019. Finally PL0T brings him back to the dark and intimate confines of ATV Records. Brother Dan, of Terrestrial Funk notoriety joins us, also coming off his stellar Rakastella performance.
  • Palms Trax by PL0T & ATV - Flyer front