Towards Collapse Takeover at Chaos Theory 10 Years of Chaos Festival

  • Towards Collapse, the club night from an undesirable but inevitable future, are gatecrashing the 10 Years of Chaos soundsystem with a lineup so good, you'll want to throw yourself immediately into the nearest skip. Forget about home-ownership and spend that morning cold-brew luxury coffee money on something you actually want: dour melodies, frenetic beats, future-panic soundscapes and enough bass to ruin any avocado brunch. So chuck your wearables in the bin, tell Alexa to do one and come check out our banging takeover! We've pulled out all the stops on this no-holes barred, AAA, weapons grade lineup. First up, End.User, legend of the breakcore scene, bringing enough melody to punch you right in the feels while simultaneously tripping you over with intricate snare drum patterns and nicking your lunch money. Next is industrialist Ecstasphere & Aphexia, with a totally innovative take on the rhythmic noise genre involving multi-instrumentalism, vocals and breaks. Conscious digital-artefacts-turned-hive-mind Metalogue delivers complex industrial IDM, shot through with techno-gloom soundscapes portraying an automated future so bleak, even the service droids are in therapy. We're also thrilled to have Shelley Parker return, bringing her powerful mixture of cold, precise breaks, field recordings and serious amounts of sub bass. Her latest releases inlcude a plethora of forward-thinking labels including Opal Tapes, Loose Lips and Hessle Audio. Last but definitely not least, London's busiest party-scene troublemaker Nick Ronin is showcasing his latest project, Force Majeure, an unsettling tour of downtempo, noisy and experimental territories.
  • Towards Collapse Takeover at Chaos Theory 10 Years of Chaos Festival - Flyer front