Housepitality: Silky Thunder, Just Lucas, Kevin Keiper

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    Silky Thunder, Just Lucas, Kevin Keiper
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  • ((HOUSEPITALITY)) SILKY THUNDER (Monarch, The Great Northern, Pink Mammoth, Housepitality) JUST LUCAS backroom: KEVIN KEIPER Micah Byrnes’ and Tobin Ellsworth’s (SILKY THUNDER) partnership began a few years ago at a Disco Cabana party, where the pair ended up unexpectedly tagging behind the decks. The set was unequivocally goosebump-inducing, met with rave reviews from all the ravers. At that moment, they knew they were on to something. On that fateful day, the two audiophiles got ridiculously tipsy and found their groove through a shared love of funky, fun, frivolous vibes...and Fernet. After closing out their electric set, the tipsy twosome came up with a hilarious moniker. Unfortunately this name was never recorded...and never remembered. “Silky Thunder” is the closest approximation of this earth-shattering epithet they could recall….and it stuck. Now the pair snuggle up behind the decks on the regular, pumping out sets that keep the dance floor swaying and swerving for hours on end. Utilizing live sampling and an eclectic blend of disco, deep house, tech house, and other genres you’ve probably never heard of, Silky Thunder draws its fans into the groove and makes them lose themselves in the funk. If Silky Thunder was a food, it would be a burrito: delicious, satisfying, and it makes you tired when you’re done. What more could you possibly want? Free with RSVP before 10pm on our site Or get a $5 presale ticket here
  • Housepitality: Silky Thunder, Just Lucas, Kevin Keiper - Flyer front