[RESCHEDULED] Hidden w/ Romare (DJ)


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[RESCHEDULED] Hidden w/ Romare (DJ)

The Loco Klub
Sat, 13 Nov
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    Romare Ellis Roberts Hayles Lima
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  • DATE CHANGED TO 13th November 2021. ALL TICKETS BOUGHT ARE STILL VALID Up there among the funkiest humans on this planet. One of the most profound and consistent characters in the dance music industry that we all know and love; Romare (DJ). We are also very lucky to welcome one of Bristols finest; Ellis Roberts. Not many are called upon to share so many lineups with the leading names of the industry, we can expect the loveliest of vibes from this one. And finally; a fresh name to Bristol, although behind the alias, some familiar faces. Hayles & Lima step in to control our second room for an all night long set. This one is going to be a beauty!
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  • [RESCHEDULED] Hidden w/ Romare (DJ) - Flyer front