Way Out with Skizzo (SK Recordings), CASSIMM

  • Way-out is a space to leave the ordinary and repetitiveness of every-day life behind & be a part of something more vibrant, colourful and immersive. It is a new type of event which values freedom of expression and musical journeys in which you can meet new people and let loose. Located in the heart of Soho, Orange Yard will be hosting our first exclusive Way Out event. Way Out won't be just an event but an amazing experience for all of you coming. We are preparing everything in detail to make this night unique. The event will start at 10pm, till late. It's not gonna be just about music but also Art expression. Come and visit us and discover what we are reserving for you! Our Guests: - SKIZZO https://soundcloud.com/antoniolananna https://www.facebook.com/skizzodj/ https://www.instagram.com/officialdjskizzo/ Internation well-known Dj in the music industry. Skizzo plays a very important role in South Italy where he is the chief in command of amazing venue such as Cromie and Clorophilla. What strikes you most about Dj Skizzo is the innate 'one to one' correspondence with music that turns into an inseparable bond which, at first sight, can be compared to one of the best storylines ever written. The reference is clear: the natural attitude that matches his passion, Deejaying, in perfect harmony. DJ Skizzo established himself as a producer in 1995, mixing electro-melodic sounds with minimal-techno rhythms not leaving out contaminations: DJ Skizzo prints and reprints vinyls on vinyls, ranging from Hard-House to Techno, channelling captivating groove, where the rhythmics and being an excellent percussionist catapulted him into the creation of the most innovative music trails of his time. The most peculiar part of his musical concept is the maximum attention he gives the dance-floor. - CASSIMM https://soundcloud.com/cassimmofficial https://www.facebook.com/CASSIMMOFFICIAL https://www.instagram.com/cass1mm/ Remember... Sat 22nd Feb 2020 Way Out Important info: No ID no entry
  • Way Out with Skizzo (SK Recordings), CASSIMM - Flyer front