Xmas Aftermath

  • If Santa or Jezisek left some cash under the tree for you, Gram Records is the right place to visit this Friday. 20% discount on all records, open till 20:00. Djs on rotation Special guest from Slovenia Christian Kroupa aka Alleged Witches / Roman Rai / dMIT.RY / Dj Sta / Jan Cihal / Asi Bring drinks with you! Gram Records Lužická 1636/31 Praha 2-Vinohrady 120 00 Gram Records – vinyl record shop based in Vinohrady, Praha 2. Apart from trading and cutting dubplates records, shop is known for occasional live stream sessions showcasing local talents and international dj guests with past highlights including Alex Arnout, Bruce (Hessle Audio), Sakro, Cinthie, Donna Leake, Seb Wildblood, Philip Budny, Okain, Matt Star, Lo-Dub, Willers Brothers, Oleg Mass, Dying & Barakat, Saktu or Tripmastaz in charge.
  • Xmas Aftermath - Flyer front
    Xmas Aftermath - Flyer back