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  • A Comuna da Luz. In the 1920s, they were experimenting with free love and veganism and nudity and ecology. Psychedelics. Medronho. Our events might have stopped for a while due to the difficulties we face in this city - touristification of the streets, constriction of our communities, eviction from our homes, expansion of the tech-capital running on our precarity. Yet, we are part of a much bigger history. Queer raving has been forever. From the wild drunken naked dances of the bacchants from ancient Greece, the Medieval Ages' witches' covenants and their myriad potions and spells, the Comune of Light or the Exodus Community defying the state (of the art) with their alternative anarchist communities, the black trans & latinxs folx from Vogue scene creating shelter and a powerful language of their own: we part of a long lineage of ravers and queers. We shall write our own history as no one else will do it for us. These communities created non-hegemonic modes of relation with the planet. They defied the masculinist drive that is pushing us into ecological collapse. Queers and ravers are recycling agents of society, decomposing normative ideas. Dedicated to the inner revolution, the anti-natalist transhumanist sonic dance revolution. The world is ablaze as we continue to see it as an external entity we explore, rule, colonize, consume, discard. We need to merge with the Gaia and with the Kosmos, with our (molecular) planet in order to spark an ultimate ecological rebellion. Extinction. Across the river. 'A aparição da mina.' We're back. artwork: Crii Pereira ⚠️RSVP ONLY ⚠️ Space is limited and therefore we've created an RSVP system. Only people who are on our RSVP list will be admitted. Subscribe our RSVP list: https://forms.gle/LMUan7rjFw2yot2n8 DRESS CODE: Fontória revival realness ⚗ ⚗ ⚗ ⚗ ⚗ ⚗ ⚗ ⚗ ⚗ ⚗ ⚗ ⚗ ⚗ ⚗ ⚗ ⚗ ⚗ ⚗ mina is hedonistic and non-reproductive mina is techno-quantum beats mina is sex-positive mina is suspension mina aims to bring together ravers from the queer techno underground clubbing and scene to instigate towards sexual and gender liberation WARNING ☢ please respect everyone and do not capture images (photos or videos) ☢ drink water and play wild but safe ☢ arrive early to avoid queues ☢ in case you experience any form of disrespect and/or feel uncomfortable, ask for help at the ravers' care corner or at the door ☢ if you would like to attend but for any reason, you cannot afford to come, please get in touch with us
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