Eden Hill Festival 2020 ― 'Get Lost In the Secret Forest'

  • Venue
    Shui Show Ranch
    • No. 61-3, Chung Bei Rd. Guo Xin, Nan Tou
  • Date
    20 Mar 2020
    Fri 17:00 - Sun 20:00
  • Attending
    • 3
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    ▲Artist Headliner Eyvind Blix (Oslated, Semantica // Sweden) lego (Parabel // Sweden) Sandra Mosh (Parabel // Sweden) Special Guest Patrick Siech (Parabel, Drumcode // Sweden) Sinus Ö (MYST, Constant Value // Paris) Local Heros Orchestra of Nature Viktor Yeh Dark Lo Stanley Ko Niponika Planetary Peace Young Vice City Elin ELC Jamie Q Gary Chen Tiio Matt Chen Michelle P.Wei Dungi Sapor Yulinka Phase Space Natira and more to be announced...
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  • Eden Hill Festival 2020 ― Get Lost In the Secret Forest For almost a decade, Eden Hill has established an irreplaceable image in the electronic music scene in Taiwan. It has been pushing some of the most spectacular natural scenery and talented artists from Taiwan to the world. Eden Hill strives for a high standard performance to showcase to the world what an ideal music event is from the aspect of their imagination. In 2020, Eden Hill discovered a new location where one can be surrounded by hundreds of 30 year old cedars in a forest that brings you an unique and one of a kind atmosphere. It's time to explore a brand new world! Free yourself at Eden Hill, the one and only majestic electronic music festival in the central mountains area of Taiwan. ▲Eden Hill Mixcloud: www.mixcloud.com/edenhillfestival/ ▲Tickets : www.edenhillfestival.com Super Early Bird 1700NT (Sold Out) Early Bird 2000NT Regular Advance 2300NT Group Ticket A 8600NT Group Ticket B 8800NT At Door Ticket 3000NT One Day Tickets FRI : 1200NT (5PM-2AM,1000NT deposit required at door) SAT : 1500NT (8AM-10PM,1000NT deposit required at door) SUN : 1200NT (8AM-8PM) ▲02/29 Eden Hill Festival 2020 Taipei Warm Up @ B1 伊甸高原暖身派對台北站 ▲Ticket Selling Point Taipei Double Check Ghost DJ Studio 一目EMU digital gallery Taichung 自立商店 Delys & Sens 得梨思法式料理 Kaohsiung FADER DJ Studio 音樂工作室 ▲Premium Tent Rental Service 3-4 person tent set (including camping space, mattresses and sleeping bags for 4 person, hands free) One Night: 2300NT Two Night: 3000NT Book Now : http://tiny.cc/0tynjz ▲Eden Hill Party Bus Taipei Departure (Round Trip) Price :1000NT Departure Time : 2PM 20th March or 8AM 21th March Return: 8PM 22th March Bus Pick Up Spot : Taipei Main Station, East 3rd exit bus stop Note: Please don't be late, if you don't get on the bus successfully due to late arrival, we won't be able to return bus fee to you. Bus Pick Up Spot Map: http://tiny.cc/fjznjz Taichung Departure (Round Trip) Price: 500NT Departure Time: 4PM 20th March or 10AM 21th March (Duo to Taichung bus originally departure from Taipei, bus arrival time might not be as accurate as schedule depends on the traffic situation.) Taichung Pick Up Spot http://tiny.cc/vxznjz Note: Please don't be late, if you don't get on the bus successfully due to late arrival, we won't be able to return bus fee to you. ▲ EDEN HILL FESTIVAL Eden Hill is a multi-purpose musical project established in 2012 by Finique Productions. Based in the central mountain ranges of Taiwan, our mission is to connect people of all ages through quality underground electronic music, performed in breathtaking outdoor environments . Take a warm sunbath, have a picnic, be amazed by the stunning sunset, and be brightened by the stars of the galaxy. We dance along with the rotation of the Earth and appreciate the musical and natural gifts that are given to us. We've come to believe that music and nature are the best combination to inspire, enlighten, and bring joy to people. We'll connect through the exceptional music, in a unique atmosphere, with our passion for mother nature guiding us. ▲ MUSIC We are aiming for the unusual, but soulful, forward-thinking vibrations, sound waves, and beats that through electronic music can magically heal your mind and soul. DJs create the vibrations of music, not only to make people dance, but also to craft a unique musical journey that is faithful to their vision and belief. Our musical focus ranges from House, Techno, Ambient, Down-Tempo, Chill-Out, Lounge, Experimental, and Modern Classical. Vendors Application: http://tiny.cc/cb7ljz Volunteer Application: http://tiny.cc/l4jnjz Note & Regulations: 1. Tickets are eligible for the festival, excluding camping and exclusive parking. 2. All food and beverages are strictly prohibited in this activity. Fruits and baby food are not limited. 3. Admission is free for persons under 140cm in height, and guests above 140cm in height need to purchase tickets. 4. Please keep the ticket properly. If the ticket is lost or damaged and cannot be identified, it will not be reissued. 5. Admission time: 5 pm, March 20, 2020 End time: 8 pm, March 22, 2020. 6. It is strictly forbidden to bring dangerous items or offensive weapons into the venue: such as knives, scissors, fireworks, bats, etc. 7. Except for the cancellation of the event, once the ticket is sold, no refund will be accepted for any reason. After payment, the representative agrees to this rule. 8. Guests are kindly requested to respect each other. The organizer has the right to request forcible departure if there is any unlawful situation such as unconsciousness, a fight or cause other guests trouble. 9. This event does not provide re-entry services on the same day. If you leave the venue before 10 pm on that day, you will not be able to re-enter the venue until 8 am the next day. 10. If you purchase exclusive parking spaces, the organizer is only responsible for providing parking spaces and is not responsible for vehicle safety guarantees. Please be responsible for the safety of the vehicle and the belongings in the vehicle. If you do not agree, please do not purchase. Hosted By : FINIQUE PRODUCTIONS
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