[RESCHEDULED] 999999999 Live

  • 999999999 (live) - techno duo from Venice made their Drugstore Beograd debut in 2018 at unforgettable REACT 3 techno spectacle. Uncompromising acid sound is a characteristics of their live performance. They are releasing music on their own label cause they believe that artist should not be motivated by the money but by constant need to communicate trough his music. Tom Talenberg - returns to Drugstore Belgrade with great motivation to play another stellar set. Tom's style reflects his love for minimalism, groove and clarity. Using bleepy modular sounds to deep chords, he keeps it dynamic and flowing. In charge of supporting our friends will be MR residents RAR and WAGNER. Yes, acid is the answer!
  • [RESCHEDULED] 999999999 Live - Flyer front