Necrotek:/ Dj Hellraver [Terrorfakt NYC] [Dj Sets] (1.17.2020)

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    Resident Djs's: the Rev Dj RaZorslave //SHE// Special Guests: Dj Hellraver (Terrorfakt NYC) Dj Damascus Knives (Squarwav)
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  • NECROTEK:/ dystopian beats for a necrotic society.. Presents: N:/ main hall.. Industrial \ EBM \ Necro Techno Rev Dj Razorslave + //SHE// (Shelley Winegarner) w/ Special Guest's: *Dj Hellraver [Terrorfakt NYC] [Dj Set]* *Damascus Knives [Squarewav] [Dj Set]* Roaming Photo's by Jeremiah Toller Photography Vending on the Patio by TBA We'll also be helping Ken Elrod celebrate his 50th Birthday this month, so come and wish him happy birthday! N:/ door policy.. 21+ \ $10 N:/ drink specials.. $3 wells until 10:00pm Palazzo 710 N Central, Phoenix, AZ
  • Necrotek:/ Dj Hellraver [Terrorfakt NYC] [Dj Sets] (1.17.2020) - Flyer front