Night Came Early: Phuong-Dan with JASSS & Philip Berg

  • The most beautiful cloud formed in the sky and yet it’s the most ordinary day of all days. You seem relaxed but if you upload your selfie to the programme right now it will show your anger level at 4,568. I don’t feel like sleeping anymore because my watch broke and now it’s the same time all over again. Phuong-Dan has invited JASSS and they will be playing for the first time together. Phuong Dan has also invited Philip Berg, with whom he played many many times. All three will be playing together, stretching and warping the possibilities of a back to back DJ set. JASSS comes from Spain and she loves opportunities. Her music is considered to be dark, but many people find it quite bright actually. When listening to her DJ sets I felt like being underwater. If you’d like to feel it too, click here: Philip Berg comes from Germany, and he got first inspired in Cape Town when he heard his friend play acid house, Chicago house and italo disco. He once invited Phuong Dan to his parties in an off location in Frankfurt and they have stayed in touch. Philip got way past his influences and if you’d want to know where, go here: 🔬Phuong-Dan 🔬 [ Ankali, Gatto Musculoso/Golden Pudel Club ] 🔮 JASSS 🔮 [ Mannequin ] 🔭 Philip Berg 🔭 [ Blind Bodies ] LIMITED AMOUNT OF PRE-SALE TICKETS AVAILABLE ABOVE TICKETS WILL ALSO BE AVAILABLE AT THE DOOR PLEASE READ OUR HOUSE RULES BEFORE YOUR VISIT: — Running order will be published the day before the event at
  • Night Came Early: Phuong-Dan with JASSS & Philip Berg - Flyer front