Edge House -Week43-

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    [GAIA] Michael Bibi DJ DARUMA(PKCZ®) & JOMMY KENTACATS & MR.TAKAHASHI HERBALISTEK TOMOYA VJ : VJ MANAMI / Shun Nagasawa Dancer : CYBERJAPAN DANCERS Deco : KANOYA PROJECT Perfumer : si oux [DEEP] KANGO / KOYA / KAREN / Yu-to / DAICHI / Adriana / LEO / Kalvincle [WHITE] Kengo / Lit Mercy / RIII / PHIZZY / MASTAD / M$K / Big Sister / Watei / Herbalistek [D-LOUNGE] BOBBY / Gohlem / T4ichi / MINT / Manamix / MaMina / pranksters / Jay / INTROVERT
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  • Michael Bibi will be coming to EDGE HOUSE on January 17th. Michael Bibi from London got his turntable at the age of 14 and started DJing. He has been enthusiastic about music ever since and releasing numerous tracks with a unique bassline sound. His track “Hanging Tree” which was released in 2018 recorded a huge hit. The song sampled a song in the movie “The Hunger Games”. In 2019, collaboration with UK dance music pioneer Skream “Otto's Chant'' became a smash hit. He also released music from famous labels such as Lee Foss's “Repopulate Mars” and Riva Starr's “Snatch! Records”. Recent house remix of MAJOR LAZER's song is also a hit. The label “Solid Grooves”, which was launched with PAWSA, has released house tracks with a unique groove. He won the Ibiza DJ Awards in 2019, performed at famous festivals such as elrow and CRSSD. He has a residency in Ibiza and hold his US tour. Michael Bibi will finally hold his first gig in Japan at "EDGE HOUSE"! Do not miss it! “EDGE HOUSE”, which is held at Shibuya Vision, is an event where you can enjoy wonderful sounds, space, fashion, and even fragrance. It is a hot topic party where people of various tastes gather. Please visit us once! 1月17日(金)は映画「ハンガーゲーム」の劇中歌をサンプリングしたHanging Treeが大ヒットした「Michael Bibi」初来日! ロンドン出身のMichael Bibiは、14歳で初めてターンテーブルを手に入れてDJを始めて以来、独特のベースラインを持ち味としたトラックをいくつもリリースしています。2018年にリリースした「Hanging Tree」は、映画「ハンガーゲーム」の劇中歌をサンプリングし大ヒットを記録しました。PAWSAとともに立ち上げたレーベル「Solid Grooves」からも、独自のグルーヴ感をもった楽曲を世に送り出しています。2019年に入ってもSkreamとのコラボ「Otto's Chant」がヒットしました。さらに、Ibiza DJ Awardsを受賞しelrowやCRSSDなどのフェスへの出演するなど、Michael Bibiの勢いは止まるところを知りません。 彼の初来日公演へ是非お越しください。 OPEN 10PM 1000YEN - Before 23:00 2000YEN - Under23 2000YEN - ALL INTERNATIONAL I.D. HOLDERS 2500YEN - ADV TICKET 3000YEN – DOOR You must be 20 or over with Photo ID to enter. 本公演では20歳未満の方のご入場は一切お断りさせて頂きます。 年齢確認の為、ご入場の際に全ての方にIDチェックを実施しておりますので、写真付き身分証明証をお持ち下さい。
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