Digital Porn by Pornceptual - Berlin

  • Sex - and our ideas about sex - have been transformed by technology. This process has opened new sexual dimensions with digital ventures designed to enhance, innovate and disrupt human experiences, allowing us to act out our fantasies with no physical or social limitations. But those computer-mediated relations go beyond the Internet, impacting face to face relationships and our daily routine. Our ever-evolving virtual self is not disconnected from our offline self: both are intertwined, equally fake and equally real. In those digital spaces minority groups, and/or those groups deemed sexually deviant, previously limited by the constraints of space, are able to interact. If queering the body in the cyberspace goes beyond the bounds of the corporeal norms, it also opens the possibilities for us to reshape and represent our physical bodies. Those are hyper-realistic spaces that we do not leave and continue to inhabit. For this event, we invite you to experiment with textures, sensations and combine creativity and technology. DIGITAL PORN will explore digital forms of artistic expression and, through them, redefine pornography in a way that would not be possible using traditional methods. We believe that the digital domain can expand art and remove dividing lines through body immersive experiences. + FOUR DANCE FLOORS + KINKY CINEMA ROOM + EROTIC ART PERFORMANCES + EXTRA DARKROOMS + ART INSTALLATIONS | DRESS CODE | Theme Related Outfit Latex, Leather, Lace Underwear/Half-Naked/Naked Erotic/Fetish Outerwear | PHOTOGRAPHY | Chris Phillips & Lukk Pinkk // Note that, for privacy reasons, we kindly ask other photographers/filmmakers not to bring a camera to the event. Also, we will not allow pictures to be taken on the dance-floor or common areas. If you want more information about this, please get in touch. If you have any queries contact us at [email protected] and we'll be happy to get back to you.
  • Digital Porn by Pornceptual - Berlin - Flyer front