Wigflex: Call Super, Danielle and Young Marco

  • Wigflex calls on a well-equipped handful of club floor-familiar selectors for this decade's first dance.
    Sancha RA
  • We’re always banging on about how each venue we use is the best one yet; but tomorrow’s venue is seriously one for flex history books. Our first party of the decade and first collab with Christ. Come join us while we dance with the Angels and see what all this chat is about. There’s nothing we love more than dancing outside of the club, but these DIY experiences come with some additional considerations, so to make sure everyone has the best time: -Please be respectful of the venue and all items within it. This space is by far the most sacred and ornate place that we've ever thrown a party in, and is still a working church which needs to be fit for Sunday service the next day- so be considerate at all times. -Have fun and clean up after yourselves using the bins provided so that we can use this space again without any issues. -Don’t bring your own booze - We’ve got a fully stocked bar at the venue. -Cash is strongly advised - we’ve only got 1 card reader and re-entry will not be permitted, so bring as much as you need to avoid queues and disappointment. -Location will be emailed tomorrow at 6pm so keep an eye out. Email [email protected] if you don’t get it - replies on Facebook or Instagram can’t be guaranteed. It's a 10 minute walk from the city-centre. -Gates STRICTLY shut at 10.30pm. This is NOT one of our usual parties, so last entry is totally non-negotiable. If you aren’t in before this time you simply won’t be able to get in as the gates will be closed. Absolutely no refunds will be issued to people who arrive after this time. Location to be emailed on 8/2/20 at 6pm to the ticket buyers email. Please email [email protected] with any problems.
  • Wigflex: Call Super, Danielle and Young Marco - Flyer front