The Not Cool Nights

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    Jossy Mitsu Telete Oscar Lewisohn Vandorta Just Nope XMTR
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  • 2020. A new year, a new decade, and the launch of THE NOT COOL NIGHTS! JOSSY MITSU of 6 figure Gang and RINSE FM is headlining for us. A staple in the London rave scene, she's bringing you all some club-heaters and heavyweight rave and jungle beats. Joining her we've got some disco and house from Oscar and later on a few underground anthems and rare cuts from Just Nope. There's more but come see for yourself. Activism just got a hell of a lot easier 👊 This is not a night out like any other. 100% of the money raised is going towards our Not Cool Sessions, our flagship program tackling sexual harassment on campus. Guilt-free partying so you better get down. 👾 🎇 👾 🎇 👾 🎇 👾 🎇 👾 Sexual harassment is still an issue in our society. It's in our clubs, our nightlife and it's on our campuses. It isn't just an issue you just hear about. It is affecting the way we interact with each other. Show your support and make a change. We're #notcool and you better be too, so see you in the new year 👊.