Ghost {is Other

  • Venue
    • Cetinjska 15a Belgrade, Serbia
  • Date
    15 Dec 2019
    Sun 17:00 - Sun 00:00
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    sava zolog
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  • Dim is ghost-ing the happening by Darko Vukić who is someone else. Curator of this misty lounge bar and exhibition space invited Darko to conceive an in-situ installation. Titled as ghost {is other, the event is thought as a happening based on experience of hauntological texts and insights. From condescending analyses of strange neoliberal world, loneliness, boredom and envy, to the visions of different and lost futures, and thoughts in the Acid Communism draft. There is an array of subjects and art personalities present in Darko’s projects that holds different meanings: from alchemical procedures, History of Western canon in arts and even revolutionary moves such as James Lee Byars towards dystopian aftermaths of cultural studies and all kinds of social and scientific theories of our age. The event consists in two stages, one that encapsulates performance in dimensions of spatiality and sound, and other as a setting that complies documentary traces, ephemerality, object-light relationships, ambience, video installation as well as a hidden engraving on a metal plate coated with a mirror surface in a smoke-filled toilet. In first stage, performance (12/12/19), artist camouflaged himself into a bartender during his night shift at the bar, referring to the hallucinatory presence of Lloyd from The Shinning and wearing a black jacket of Kenneth Anger’s Lucifer Rising, followed by spotlight as a scenic gesture and backed up with music session by enigmatic Nenad Marković (aka 33.10.3402). The author explains his frame-work in a conceptually compressed way: As synthesized content thrown into space, planned in sequels that surround the nature of our cinematic carnivals that contain us further as a virtual marketplace where Keats’s nightingales share electronics} may cease the negative capability of transience lurking in some melodious plots.Investigations of nostalgia biases in zoomed-in locality of a given, infuse space and history into excessive presence that leaves no traces of what is immersed in the landscape of cultural hegemony. The most abstracted modes of sonic functions and possibilities of inserting a seizure into spatial, a leak of haunts risen from these and similar quotes: 'That's strange, sir. I don't have any recollection of that at all; I was born after the war; It was after the break...' from which current ideological phantoms displace us. Curator: Marina Marković Production: Dim, 2019. Photo: Milos Bojović Music: 33.10.3402
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