CTM 2020: Dan Deacon

  • Baltimore-based composer and producer Dan Deacon has been described as a maximalist, oddball, and everything in between. Following the release of his forthcoming record Mystic Familiar, out January 2020 via Domino, Deacon delivers a live show that is sure to surprise, engage, and confound. “How do you make something solid, beautiful, and built to last in a time of cultural chaos and personal doubt?” The record comprises kaleidoscopic journeys through meandering, glittering synthpop, born out of personal explorations in meditation, self-compassion, and mindfulness. The opening act is TBA. The concert is part of CTM Festival 2020 – Liminal which will again play out across some of Berlin’s most standout cultural and nightlife venues. CTM pairs daring artistic content with an in-depth discourse programme, framing today’s sounds and music cultures within a shifting, hybrid global society. With the theme, “Liminal,” CTM 2020 examines transitional phases where familiar orders are destabilized. › www.ctm-festival.de
  • CTM 2020: Dan Deacon - Flyer front