Unmasked presents Alessandro Adriani

  • Unmasked’s first instalment of 2020 is a strong one. We are very excited to host Head of Mannequin Records and Berghain / Panorama Bar resident Alessandro Adriani for the second time at Electrowerkz. Our first date of the year will see a night breaking boundaries between techno, electro, EBM, acid and much more, with a great international name, local talents Sharplines, Evil Dust, Claus Fuss and a new name in the scene, Angulima Bushido. With an eye on the music and an eye on the dance-floor, as it’s always been, we thought that this wasn’t enough. Faithful to our mission of creating a sacred space to embrace authenticity, to be truly free, to be Unmasked, we wanted to improve the way musicians and dancers interact with our beloved home, Electrowerkz. We believe it's important to create a new, refreshed connection between artists and dance-floor because it’s exactly there that music happens. That’s why we have decided to push the console forward, moving the DJ right in front of the dance-floor, at the same level of the dancers. We promise that the energy levels will be higher than usual … come and experience it all in person on the 8th of February! ✚ Alessandro Adriani is a lot of things – DJ, producer, live performer and label owner – but above all, he is a tireless music researcher. The Berlin-based Italian goes further than your average “crate digger” in pursuit of information about sounds, styles, artists and record labels, devoting countless hours to unearthing the untold stories behind the music he loves, regardless of when it was made. Adriani’s obsession has naturally shaped his other musical endeavors, not least Mannequin Records, the label he established a decade ago. Over the years, the imprint has won praise from buyers and critics alike for its open-minded blend of on-point reissues, archival collections and fresh productions. The intriguing, leftfield mixture of material on offer – think cold wave, industrial, EBM, minimal synth, skewed electro and more – is naturally a reflection of Adriani’s wide-ranging and off-kilter tastes (as you’d discover if you had a quick flick through his vast and growing record collection). Adriani is distinctively drawn towards the dark and obscure, and you can hear this approach amongst the long, drawn-out mixes of his similarly eclectic DJ sets. Like others who came of age in Rome during the city’s techno boom of the mid 1990s, he often instinctively draws for pitch-black techno and wild acid tracks alongside EBM, industrial and cold wave cuts. It’s this blend you’ll find Adriani exploring during his bi-monthly dates at Berghain and Panorama Bar, a residency he’s held since early 2016. ✚ Sharplines, co-founder of Delaitpath, has released music on labels such as RND. Records, Raven Sigh and Persephonic Sirens (Ancient Methods). More recently the Italian-born, Berlin-based artist has founded his own label called Dead by Overdose releasing an EP as NATHANIEL. ✚ Angulima Bushido is a new name on the scene, but not a face that you haven’t seen before. After over 10 years organising parties and raves in his hometown in Italy and for the last 5 years in London for Unmasked, he decided it was time to show his DJing skills and make people dance. His sound is a blend of techno, Detroit electro, acid and rave core, that never loses contact with the dance-floor, the place where he comes from, made of the people he is most grateful for. ✚ Evil Dust was born in London, Whitechapel, the neighbourhood that was home to Jack The Ripper in the late 90s, he was raised by his parents on the sound of New Order (hence the name of his alias) and got exposed to the first wave of grime and witch-house at secondary school. Fascinated by cursed images, decay and seediness, his EBM industrial is soaked with a gorgeous mix of punk and electronics. Having released music on X-IMG, Autonome and Interval, Evil Dust surely is a budding young artist to keep an eye on. ✚ Claus Fuss is a classically trained musician born in Germany and based in London. His sound is deeply layered with minimal synth and acid bassline ranging from a groovy drone-hypnotic techno landscape to a pounding industrial world. Since 2018 he is also touring across the globe with Germany's legendary electronic music pioneers TANGERINE DREAM as their head of live sound. ✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚ 08.02.2020 / 23:00 - 07:00 (last entry 04.00am) Electrowerkz 7 Torrens Street, EC1V 1NQ, London Info: [email protected] ** IMPORTANT NOTICE ** Don't forget your photo ID tonight! New regulations in place at Electrowerkz mean you must bring a photo ID with you to gain entry. Acceptable Forms of ID are original (not copies) of passports, driving licences, any national ID, Validate and Citizen cards.
  • Unmasked presents Alessandro Adriani - Flyer front