Evil Moisture, Hobo Sonn, Thomas Dimuzio, Demonface, Ava Mendoza and DJ Lucy

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    Evil Moisture, Hobo Sonn, Thomas Dimuzio, Demonface, Ava Mendoza, DJ Lucy
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  • Evil Moisture, Hobo Sonn, Thomas Dimuzio, Demonface, Ava Mendoza and DJ Lucy Wed Dec. 18, at The Peacock Lounge, 552 Haight St. Doors 7pm, Bands 7:30pm-11pm $5 notaflof all-ages Evil Moisture All the way from Paris this brain leaks all over the place. It can't be stopped or mopped but once you slip and notice how nicely it stains your smile you're gonna want to stay and swim a few laps with your pals. He doesn't build instruments so much as he summons entropy, releasing mere material into peels of time as if sound alone had just barely been holding things theretofore. Fragility itself leaps from his fingertips, circuits keel away catastrophically perishing in sounds you're sure never to hear again. Such is the brief life of all monsters, never fretting their own future only concerned with freaking out yours. The instruments Evil Moisture "builds" are monsterous to behold, go see photographs of them, his paintings are monsterous also... hell he is too, he looks as if he dies a death at each heartbeat and in between hot blood of mortality decongeals into a pitch dark laughter then freezes again. And don't miss his merch table where, over the years, fans have glutted themselves on titles like "Amanita Burger" "Sober Mario Bros" (with Anla Courtis & Sigtryggur Sigmarsson), "Fatanarchy on Airtube" (with Hantarash), "Deathneyland" and "Ghost Meat." Be warned also that his merch might seep up behind you in another guise: Xylex, Mediaeval Moisture, or Andy Bolus. http://evilmoisture.free.fr/mdh.html Hobo Sonn Hobo Sonn is the dissolver of sound and with it go all touchstones of reality, every grain beneath your feet. Like every infernal infinity what you find once you manage to remove it is way, way more infinity. As a beach attacking the ocean, Hobo Sonn drags generations of hot-bod radiated bathers imperceptibly into the fray, sweat against spray as vapor slams into vapor and photon taunts electron. [Name withheld] as part of the radical HI-C (Humanist ICE Counter-COINTELPRO) underground, suffice to promote Hobo Sonn's vast collaborations which include Decimus (Pat Murano of No-Neck), Gryn Brvs, and Roger Linn with releases on Chocolate Monk, Ruralfaune, and Pendu. Come discover the true identity of Hobo Sonn and the secret nature of finitude. http://leuropeparisien.free.fr/freefolkloreCD.html Thomas Dimuzio The fulcrum at the center of tonight's bill and celebrating the release of his new LP on Resipiscent, Thomas Dimuzio announces his first all-Buchla album where signals fetched from the modulated airwaves are sent corruscating through custom algorithmic crossfades and back into deep space. One side of the new album was captured right inside the Peacock Lounge. The other side at the far end of Haight Street, making tonight's third set the metaphysically-entangled third attenae atop our ominous tower. If you look right now at Sutro Tower you'll notice someone has already climbed up and stolen that third attenae. Don't be surprised to find it inside the Peacock Lounge, clipped into Dimuzio's rig, pointed back to the dark matter from whence all vibrations escape. Meta-metaphysically speaking, if you PRE-ORDER the new LP you can pick up your copy at this show along with a five dollar cash refund of the $4 shipping charge. You'll also be able to hand select your pre-order bonus (while supplies last). These letterpress artworks created by Tyler Harwood of Planetary Magnetics Corporation in New Orleans are one-of-a-kind prints rendered on a gigantic iron press using gorgeous, richly colored and metallic inks. The album cover is a reproduction of a single print from this original series. Hear excerpts and pre-Order the LP right now then come to the show 7:30pm at the Peacock Dec. 18! https://resipiscent.com/artist/view/51 DemonFace (DemonSleeper+Sharkiface) They're real, they see your naked legs pedaling in the bath of spacetime even when you think you stand on terra firma. Your skin unbroken, sharp demon teeth still have at your insides. And once they've had their fill of your feels, they press up to take a peek from inside your eyes. That's when you feel compelled to stare down the mirror, to take your twelfth selfie, to feed what eats you. To hear the music of DemonFace is to glimpse the anchorline beneath it all. In sunless depths where noord, tranoe, toe fetish and larynx converge an immense hunger hunts without rest. Now, as the sonic ocean roils about your thighs, is an excellent time to realize that if you can hear them, they can hear you! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxbThJ65Af0 Ava Mendoza The way a kid grabs up candy spilling to the floor, Ava Mendoza snatches sounds that tumble out when she so much as touches a guitar. The music begins when she crosses the threshold of the room. Focused and frenetic, you sense she’d be giggling if every second weren’t so seriously damn fun already. Her shoulders hunch, her hands fly then suddenly hold unlikely sound patterns tight. Just as you think you've got your bearings, her voice comes with waveforce and seriously messes up your hair. Since moving from Oakland to Brooklyn, Mendoza's guitar powers have only amplified, her voice intensified, her collaborators multiplied, and her chops been verified. Asked recently about her decision to feature her vocals on last year's "The Paranoia Party" she replied "that wasn’t the plan but lyrics just kept coming. Some personal, but most to do with the “migrant crises” here and in Europe. This stuff hits close to home if you're involved in any immigrant community." Be sure to check out recordings of her trio, Unnatural Ways, but like her debut album on Resipiscent, tonight expect a solo set. Don't show up late! Ava Mendoza kicks off this EARLY 7:30pm SHOW. [Fan tip: She's got a duo with Tatsuya Yoshida of Ruins scheduled for 2020!] http://avamendozamusic.com/
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  • Evil Moisture, Hobo Sonn, Thomas Dimuzio, Demonface, Ava Mendoza and DJ Lucy - Flyer front