Tanum Soundsystem x Soup Kitchen

  • London-based Tanum Soundsystem venture North for a weekend of dance and donations. The two-parter kicks off with Hessle's Pearson Sound and local rising star Anz at the controls.
  • The heavyweight Tanum Soundsystem is coming to the Soup Kitchen for a special fundraiser. Manchester-based ANZ will be joined by Akash and Mellowdramatics, while Klaus and Winsome will be representing Tanum. Finalising the lineup will be Hessle Audio's Pearson Sound. The party will be raising money for Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit, who offer free legal immigration advice, representation and support services to people seeking asylum, refugees, children and vulnerable adults. The DJs, venue and Resident Advisor are donating a large percentage of their fees to the fundraiser. Tanum Soundsystem was built between 2014 and 2017, and since then has mainly put on dances to raise funds in support of migrant communities.
  • Tanum Soundsystem x Soup Kitchen - Flyer front