Bal Masqué: Grand Opening

  • *** MASK PARTY WITH FREE THEME *** Burg Schnabel is proud to present a new series of events: Bal Masqué. Welcome to the craziest masquerade of the new decade! Bring your own mask, buy one at the door, make yours, steal it, improvise it, whatever floats your boat as long as we can‘t see your beautiful faces raving in the moonlight... Many surprises are waiting for you during this opening but one thing is sure: Bal masqué will remain faithfull to the Berlin's club nights values. Quality music welcome open-minded people from any religion, sexuality, ethnicity and mask preferences. For this first edition we‘ve packed an amazing and sticky line-up which will blast through the Funktion One speakers and let you enjoy this magical moment together. We‘ve arranged some little extra treats as well so you can be anything you want during one night... 🔮Fortune telling 🌈Makeup stand 💘Body painting 🎭Mask stand 🃏Tarot cards table Bal Masqué Ohé Ohé!
  • Bal Masqué: Grand Opening - Flyer front