They're Here - Lower Tar (Live) / Ivana Karpierz / Residents

  • Skin tingles in the dark. Flashing lights on your face. Throbbing in your ear. They're Here... On December 20th, They're Here returns! As we constantly strive to curate the harder/darker/weirder side of electronic music, please welcome your artists for the evening. Performances by... ∞ Lower Tar (Night Gaunt Recordings, Ecstatic Recordings | LA, CA) Lower Tar is the experimental techno project of Los Angeles-based musician and visual artist, Ori Ofir. Formed in 2014, Lower Tar has released albums on Ascetic House, Ecstatic Recordings, and Night Gaunt Recordings, the label that he co-founded, and has collaborated with Silent Servant on a duo project called Sterile Hand. Using techno as a cathartic backbone enables Ofir to understand the multiplicitous relationship he has with being Israeli American on both a conceptual as well as a physical level. Lower Tar is a project that explores the complex power structures that revolve around identity and what it means to be critical of a society while still maintaining a sense of self. ∞ Ivana Karpierz aka Smith (Baba Yaga's Lair, Punchis Records I SF, CA) Polish-born Dj currently residing in San Francisco. Being born and raised in Eastern Europe during the emergence of the rave scene and thriving club culture it would only take a little time for Ivana to develop passion for electronic music. But her real musical development has started when she decided to move to San Francisco, a city of artists and countless possibilities. By starting to mix in her own basement, Ivana quickly picked up style that featured dark, minimal and groovy patterns with big basslines that none can resist. She quickly developed an ear for this style of sound and it didn't take long for her to start a serious dj career in San Francisco, playing across many underground clubs and parties. In 2016 Ivana has opened a party series called EastBlock that took place monthly at Monarch in San Francisco featuring local and international talents. Soon after she joined SF based collective promoting and thriving on Romanian minimal sound. Her musical journey continues into dark, trippy and experimental side of electronic music and she just started her own concept called Baba Yaga's Lair taking place at Underground SF with Paul Fleetwood, Kerri Le Bon, Hydroplane and more. . ∞ Teeyam (SF) ∞ éstudy (SF/NY) ∞ Rodney (Housepitality/SF)
  • They're Here - Lower Tar (Live) / Ivana Karpierz / Residents - Flyer front