Tilt Shift - Boxing Day Bash

  • As another year draws to a close Tilt Shift are coming together again to rip the tinsel off it for their last party in 2019! Our band of Merry Misfits are preparing to bring the dance to Melbourne’s laneway institution Section 8 for a very special Boxing Day bonanza! Too much tofurkey? Stuffed full of stuffing? Regret that 3rd helping of your Nan’s Xmas Pudding? Come down and dance your guts off. Or if you’re tired from hitting up all those Boxing Day sales and bowing to our corporate overlords, take a seat and wash down that guilt with a refreshing, tasty beverage! Frivolities kick off at 3pm!! Tilt Shift endeavour to promote an environment that feels safe and welcoming, somewhere which you don’t have to wrestle with the struggles of the day. No racism, sexism, homophobia or any discriminatory attitudes will be tolerated. We also care that the music is good and genres are blurred. Put away your phone and dance with us
  • Tilt Shift - Boxing Day Bash - Flyer front