Sold Out: Atish All Night: SF (PW Main Room)

  • Presales have sold out. We will have very limited cash entry at the door starting at 10pm. We will have tickets available for the intimate set in the Loft on Friday. Hi everyone, it’s atish again. Just letting you know I’m doing my 4th edition of Atish All Night SF at Public Works in February. These Atish All Nights have been some of the most important gigs for me over the last few years because I came up as a DJ in San Francisco and built my strongest dance floor relationships with many of you. I feel grateful to have a platform to play open to close with my hometown audience. After these events, I also take some time to self-reflect to look back on how much style has changed since the last one...and how the dance floor has changed as well. These events are important milestones in my journey. Hopefully you can join for the next one. As a note, all previous Atish All Nights have sold out, so best bet is to grab a pre-sale early while you can. What's more, I’m pretty excited and terrified about trying something new this year. I'm adding a 2nd event on Friday 28th in the PW Loft. Recently I’ve been buying a lot of music that doesn’t quite fit in the box of music that people expect from me, and I’ve been thinking long and hard about how to reconcile this other side of me without alienating the dance floor. So I’m using this Atish All Night Loft edition as an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and experiment a little more with music that hasn’t yet made it into my sets. I’m not sure what the set will sound like, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be a typical ‘atish’ set (for better or for worse)! More info: New: Atish All Night: SF (Intimate Loft Set) Connect: 21+ | No Refunds | ATMs on site Sound by Funktion-One (Official) Stay connected:
  • Sold Out: Atish All Night: SF (PW Main Room) - Flyer front