Soma Skool 2021

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    *** Ticket holders will receive instructions via email. Please check both Junk & Spam folders.*** ---Saturday 27th--- Panel: ‘Covid & The Future of the Electronic Music Industry' Panellists: Slam, Cera Khin, Judy Griffith (fabric London), Lutz Leichsenring (Berlin Club Commission + VibeLab) Host: Marcus Barnes Masterclass: Rebekah presents ‘Creating Outside The Box' Masterclass: Pioneer DJ presents the CDJ3000 + DJM V10 mixer. With Nightwave + Skapade Studios interview ***AFTERPARTY --> Slam & SLV join underground London label PLS.UK with FLmm and Time Traveler for a mammoth 4 hour live stream on HATE Youtube channel from 8pm CET / 7pm GMT. ---Sunday 28th--- Panel: ‘Clubs, Creatives, Communities + Mental Health' Panellists: Loki, Raihan (misery party), Juliette Duffy (Psyche Publication), Kira Weir (Crew Scotland) Host: Chester Cornford (Clubber2Clubber) Masterclass: Petrichor presents ‘Narisshu - Ambient Techno Production' (attendees receive FREE Ableton Live Course) Masterclass: Manni Dee presents: ‘The Wolves - Track Breakdown' ****All ticket holders will have exclusive access to watch back all panels and masterclasses for one month after the event takes place
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  • Ticket holders will also be able to send in their music to the Soma Records A+R team, to have the chance to get exclusive feedback on their track! Further details on each Masterclass, panel and panelists will be announced in the coming days via Soma's socials All tickets for 2020’s Soma Skool remain valid and will be automatically transferred to the new dates. In association with Creative Scotland
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