Apricot Ballroom: Space Dimension Controller

  • Well well well, isn't this a little treat then. After our ridiculous joint party back in October with Marcel Vogel, we're teaming up with Bungalows And Bears once again to help host another dream event, where we'll be joined by Space Dimension Controller. If you're not lucky enough to have seen him before and want a taster of what he does we recommend checking out some of his mixes we've linked below - such as the now infamous AVA Fest Boiler Room set. He's a superb talent, whether as as a live artist or as a DJ, and as always with our parties we'll have him playing through our rather nice audiophile sound system. And it's totally free entry all night. *** SPACE DIMENSION CONTROLLER *** Making music that sits somewhere in the middle of low-budget sci-fi soundtrack and introspective excursions through cosmic electronica, for us it's his DJing that really blows us away. Deftly weaving between all the sounds that influence and inform him as an artist, his sets are a rare treat. - Check the aforementioned AVA set here for an idea of what we mean: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoUtjSmj_dM -Or his Dekmantel Podcast is another cracking listen: https://www.mixcloud.com/Dekmantel/dekmantel-podcast-083-space-dimension-controller-1/ Support on the night will come from the Apricot Ballroom Soundsystem residents and friends, with b2bs from: Dr Smorsli + Joi La Frique Nonna Fab + DJ Wanderlei For more info on us, our parties, and what we're about, head to our website at www.apricotballroom.co.uk
  • Apricot Ballroom: Space Dimension Controller - Flyer front