Timedance - 5 Years

  • The much-loved label celebrates five years of visionary electronic music with a fittingly excellent lineup. The legendary Shackleton joins Giant Swan, Anina, Metrist and Batu for a night on the famed Sinai Sound System.
  • We are back... February 2020 marks the fifth birthday of Timedance, it would be wrong not to celebrate right? 2020 sees Timedance - 5 Years tour all over Europe (and maybe further afield), we had to bring our A-game for Bristol of course. We have assembled an all-star cast of Timedance friends to take over the Trinity Centre. To make things even better we are bringing in the Sinai Sound System, one of the UK's most cherished bass weight providers to power the event. Ooof. Family members Giant Swan, Anina, Metrist and Batu are joined by a very special guest in Shackleton. We have been fans of him for as long as we knew what a subwoofer was and it's no exaggeration to say the label would not exist without him. Things to remember- *It's going to be loud. We recommend bringing earplugs. *Be nice, bring an open mind and dance. If something is bothering you tell a bouncer or member of staff. Tickets are available via Headfirst: £10-£15 Artwork by Harry Butt
  • Timedance - 5 Years - Flyer front