[RESCHEDULED] Musical Medicine feat. Detroit Swindle

  • Hold on to your trousers, we've finally managed to secure the Detroit Swindle guys for a show-down at the Bullingdon. In 2011, Lars and Maarten formed the duo that is known as Detroit Swindle. Addicted record collectors, these two blend the sounds of early disco and funk, afro, latin and all the bumpy sounds that house brings with it. This concoction has enthralled audiences all over the world for the past years and will no doubt continue with the same fervour. The Dutch duo put out most of their music through their own label Heist Recordings and have quickly gained popularity through their early releases like “The Wrap around”, and “The Break up”. Just recently they have released an EP for the legendary AUS Music which saw them exploring a more electronic sound, while their edit of Gaoulé Mizik’s ‘A ka titine’ showed their appreciation of world music made ready for the dancefloor. More recently, following the release of their sophomore album "High Life", the duo have enlisted such musical collaborators as Tom Misch and Lorenz Rhode to join them and create yet a new sound. They, along with Rhode, have toured the world with the live show, bringing all aspects of the Detroit Swindle sound to all corners. A personal favourite of MM since our inauguration in 2013, tracks like 'The Wrap Around' and 'The Break Up' along with more modern release such as the October 2019 release 'The Life Behind Things' have been main stays in the bags of our residents. We simply cannot wait to welcome to Dutch Detroit destroyers into our favourite venue, The Bullingdon.
  • [RESCHEDULED] Musical Medicine feat. Detroit Swindle - Flyer front