[RESCHEDULED] Ulrich Schnauss

  • Take a breather from reality with the electronic musician's otherworldly soundscapes, created from multilayered synthesizers, beats and ethereal vocals. Ulrich Schnauss showcases the rework of his two most recent albums, A Long Way to Fall and No Further Ahead than Today. Schnauss says, ‘I’ve always used making and listening to music as a way to escape – putting on headphones is a great way to leave reality behind for a while, reminding yourself why it still makes sense to carry on.’ These seminal electronic albums sound better than ever after they have been reworked and remastered – hear them live at this performance. Joining Ulrich Schnauss on stage is his long-term collaborator, London-based visual artist Nat Urazmetova. In her live visuals the organic and synthesised, amorphous and elusive, fluid and uncanny coalesce, mutate and continuously evolve in the free-flow of improvisation. Through shifting the accustomed modes of perception, the visual performance threads the different narratives of seeing, sensing and relating to the sonic counterpart.
  • [RESCHEDULED] Ulrich Schnauss - Flyer front