Bad Fractals x Killdren x Deadwood x Bloody Racket – Solstice Party

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    Bad Fractals Killdren Deadwood Bloody Racket Bucket Boys UKAEA Boycey World's Tallest DJ
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  • COME AND COMPLETELY LOSE YOUR SHIT THIS SOLSTICE! Juggernauts collide for a midwinter knees-up – bringing you the finest and freshest hell on this earth... 14:00-18:00 Come early for a WINTER MARKET with stalls selling arts, crafts and gifts 18:00-23:00 (first act at 18:30) LIVE MUSIC and PERFORMANCE Bands in gig space – ticketed entry £5 advance / £8 on the door 23:00-02:00 DJs in front bar STARRING: BAD FRACTALS Shaman gangsters tear out sex drunk gutter fried psych rock in a world gone mad.. You’ll generally find them drinking shots of ayahuasca in psychedelic strip clubs with witches in tracksuits but they’ve decided to get lost in London for a laugh. "If Metallica covered Spandau Ballet" "If Mark E Smith gave himself an accidental punk quiff and fell in love with himself in the mirror…" ETC.. KILLDREN Infamous 2-bit rave punk twazzocks – terrifying tabloids and Tories alike. Guaranteed to amuse, offend – or both! “From sweat scraped from Atari Teenage Riot and using Bikini Kill as a surrogate womb before turning the Beast loose at Keith Prodigy's wake, the 2-bit rave-punk duo have birthed a twisted sonic chimera..." DEADWOOD Legends of the French festival, circus, and rave scene, they've gained a cult following with there fiery blend of electro garage and industrial blues. Sexy, heavy huge.... BLOODY RACKET It's drum and bass, synth and guitar. It's noisy and a little bit obnoxious. It's all played live. Its the bloody racket! BUCKET BOYS Knee slappin', crazy anarcho blue-trash from the Amsterdam bayou!!!! UKAEA A shadowy collective with varying numbers and personnel, the primary objective of which is to imagine, and depict, how remnants of a society might try to recreate and use trance dance and ceremony in a post-apocalyptic scenario. Blown-out electronics mix with found percussion, voice, visual elements, movement and setting, drawing from disparate influences, and attempting to push through time and space towards alien idioms. BOYCEY He's in the running, but despite not being the world's tallest DJ – Boycey knows how to bang. So come get banged at! WORLD'S TALLEST DJ He DJs. He's tall. Some say he's the tallest! What more could you ask for??? Come and spend the day at New River Studios to celebrate the days getting longer again! :) A reminder of what lies in store: BANDS! DJs! PERFORMANCE! WINTER MARKET! BOOZE! PIZZA! NICE PEOPLE! Saturday 21 December 2019 2pm-2am NEW RIVER STUDIOS – 199 Eade Rd, London N4 1DN Directions:
  • Bad Fractals x Killdren x Deadwood x Bloody Racket – Solstice Party - Flyer front