[CANCELLED] Inland Pres. Stream State: Joel Mull, Sophia Saze, Tripeo & More

  • Inland curates a night of excellent techno music to celebrate the release of a brilliant new compilation.
  • // EVENT CANCELLED! // In an effort to prevent further spread of COVID-19, our Stream State party at ://about blank is cancelled. It‘s the right thing to do and we believe that going ahead with the events would have been irresponsible. For those who pre-ordered tickets via RA, please check their site for info on refunds. Thanks for your understanding and see you back out there soon! X // British DJ and producer Inland (Ed Davenport) has compiled and mixed ‘Stream State’, his biggest project to date, bringing together over 20 artists in a DJ-ready compilation of colourful, diverse modern techno on his label Counterchange. For this special Berlin launch of Stream State, Counterchange invites Joel Mull, Sophia Saze, Tripeo, Jamaica Suk and Berlin duo Arbitrage for a two room all-nighter at local institution :// about blank. SET TIMES: Lobby 23:59 - 03:00 Sophia Saze 03:00 - 06:00 Tripeo 06:00 - 09:00 Arbitrage MDF 01:00 - 03:00 Jamaica Suk 03:00 - 06:00 Inland 06:00 - close Joel Mull // RELEASE INFO Various Artists - Stream State (Selected & Mixed by Inland) COUNTER014 4 x 12'' / Digital / Continuous Mix Release Date: 21.02.20 Cover artwork by Erik Minter (C) Counterchange 2020 From veterans and heroes like DJ Skull, Efdemin, Joel Mull, Boddika, Peter Van Hoesen, and Mark Broom (alongside Discrete Circuit), to a new echelon of up-and-coming talent like Rhyw, Sophia Saze, Jamaica Suk, Johanna Knutsson, Aiken, DJ Sodeyama, Perm and Felix Fleer, there’s an underlying thread of shimmering production values and close attention to detail in every track. Inland also selected debuts from Berlin based artists Fred Mann and Arbitrage, and welcomes back BNJMN, P. Lopez and Distant Echoes to the label, now in its 7th year of operation. Complete with a 90 minute continuous mix by Inland himself, the project celebrates over 15 years behind the decks and cements Davenport’s reputation not only as a tireless force in the studio, but as a trusted selector and curator of contemporary club music. Spanning deep idm-rooted studies, lush chord-driven euphoria, powerful modernist workouts and tough house-groove jackers, Davenport weaves an addictive mix full of character and his precision mixing style. ‘Stream State’ is Inland’s celebration of the DJ mix / compilation format. Enamoured with UK dance music culture in the mid 90s, the burning, illicit energy of early rave mixtapes left a huge impression. Mystical bootlegs recorded at mass gatherings in fields or late night Radio One transmissions captured on cassette – their eternal spirit was absorbed and cherished. Now more than 2 decades later, Davenport has channeled that fascination into this weighty collector’s item and a captivating continuous mix. All 22 tracks included are new and original productions made by some of Inland’s favourite artists and colleagues. A network and a community – complied and presented by an artist who continues to demonstrate his longevity and unique voice in the scene. VINYL Tracklist: Record I A1. Johanna Knutsson – Synthsakral A2. Efdemin – Sequence 100 A3. Sophia Saze – Same Sane B1. DJ Skull – Good Pain B2. Patrik Skoog – Echophenomena Record II A1. Inland – Overthebrainbow A2. Joel Mull – Cerritulus B1. Arbitrage – HON B2. Peter Van Hoesen – Twin Motive Record III A1. P. Lopez – Power G A2. Perm – Busak B1. Aiken – Second Law B2. Jamaica Suk – Drumtaktics Record IV A1. Rhyw – Chisel A2. Tripeo – Humble Bragging B1. Fred Mann – Nacre B2. Mark Broom & Discrete Circuit – MBDC 4 B3. Distant Echoes – Todo Muere DJ mix / DIGITAL Tracklist: 01. Fred Mann - Nacre 02. BNJMN - Bayou 03. Felix Fleer - It's Ending 04. Boddika & Inland - Don't Dream 05. Jamaica Suk - Drumtaktics 06. Arbitrage - HON 07. Tripeo - Humble Bragging 08. DJ Skull - Good Pain 09. Mark Broom & Discrete Circuit - MBDC 4 10. Efdemin - Sequence 100 11. Aiken - Second Law 12. Inland - Overthebrainbow 13. P. Lopez - Power G 14. Perm - Busak 15. Joel Mull - Cerritulus 16. Peter Van Hoesen - Twin Motive 17. Patrik Skoog - Echophenomena 18. Rhyw - Chisel 19. DJ Sodeyama - TEST PTTRN 026 20. Sophia Saze - Same Sane 21. Distant Echoes - Todo Muere 22. Johanna Knutsson - Synthsakral
  • [CANCELLED] Inland Pres. Stream State: Joel Mull, Sophia Saze, Tripeo & More - Flyer front
    [CANCELLED] Inland Pres. Stream State: Joel Mull, Sophia Saze, Tripeo & More - Flyer back