Scrambler x Save the Children

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    Nully Wayussein ¥ens Salted Caramel minashi
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  • Scrambler is a new night brought to you by the likes of Nully and Wayussein, critically acclaimed call of duty players turned below average DJs. To kick things off this Christmas, we’ve got guest appearances from West Wimbledon’s very own black belt spinner - ¥ens, and Raynes Park’s post-colonial psycho-spiritual litterateur - Salted Caramel (who will be mixing while self-actualising via an MC rendition of Said’s Orientalism). Finally, all the way from Rickmansworth, we have former mentor of Wayussein and esteemed pirate for killing on decks, man-a-man like minashi. Scrambler is all about the music, none of that 3 filler tunes then 1 banger bullshit. Expect everything from ambient jungle and heavy breaks to grime and dystopian post-johnson rightfield proto-Atlantic free jazz Each night the proceeds will be donated to a given charity (£2 from every ticket), this time round its Save the Children. Shoutout zeki and trama tasty #WillyGrules
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