INSTYTUT Festival 2021 Music & Art (CANCELLED)

  • The third edition of the Instytut Festival Music & Art is ahead of us: hours of dance, an infinite number of smiles and hugs, a huge dose of love and positive energy. A unique location that you have loved since crossing the Modlin Garrison gates for the first time. So far, we have hosted over 200 visual and music artists who have provided us with otherworldly experiences during this time. After two editions we are gaining even more energy and we are preparing for you even more surprises during the Instytut Festival 2020 Music & Art! On 19 and 20 June 2020 at the Modlin Garrison, we will meet again on Cannon Stage, Rave Stage and New Moon Stage and three hybrid stages in a completely new, unique scenery. Just like last year, the best visual artists will arrange the space. During the upcoming edition we will be launching the New Moon Stage on the Garrison terrace with a mesmerizing view of the Narew flowing into the Vistula River and the panorama of Warsaw skyscrapers. First artist announcements soon! As during the last edition of the festival, we give every participant who buys a weekend pass possibility of accommodation in the festival town in the Modlin Garrison. We encourage you to spend the entire weekend with the Institute family within the walls of the Garrison and take advantage of numerous new attractions that we will prepare for you. More information about accommodation and camping is coming soon. Taking care of comfort and even better communication during the upcoming edition of the festival, shuttle buses will run from the Młociny metro station (M1 line running until 2:50 from Centrum station) to Modlin, dedicated to the festival participants in cooperation with the City Hall Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki. Garnizon Modlin (The Modlin Garrison) is unique on a global scale – the longest building in Europe and the second largest in the world. The spectacular fortress is located in the very heart of Poland, at the confluence of two rivers: the Vistula and the Narew, in the immediate vicinity of picturesque sandy beaches hidden among forests and the phenomenal ruins of a historic granary. The Garrison is also over 200 years of turbulent history. The Poles, the French, Russians and Germans fought for this pearl of Napoleon and Tsar Nicholas I. After years of peace, in June 2020 the Garrison will survive another siege, this time by the fans of electrifying sounds during the forthcoming INSTYTUT Festival More info:
  • INSTYTUT Festival 2021 Music & Art (CANCELLED) - Flyer front
    INSTYTUT Festival 2021 Music & Art (CANCELLED) - Flyer back