Anetha (Blocaus Series / Work Them Records, FR)

  • Anetha is bringing her energetic dance promise and 90s rave infused set to Drugstore! Anetha belongs to the new generation of French DJs inspired by EBM, trance, electro and old school techno tracks. With releases on Work Them Records, Anagram, her own Blocaus Series, a standout Boiler Room and many other appearances including Fabric, Bassiani, Concrete, De School and Drugstore, Anetha proves to be one of the most dance floor oriented DJs of the French scene. Her recent ventures include a solo project Mama told ya – a label focused on sharing and experimentations which promotes alternative talents and different forms of art, while seeking to push boundaries through the release of some unprecedented collaborative tracks.
  • Anetha (Blocaus Series / Work Them Records, FR) - Flyer front